As a well established consultancy in Overseas Property, Homes Overseas understand that you may be unsure of how best to finance your new property investment. That’s why we’ll always have a number of financial options available for you to consider. We work alongside many industry professionals, builders, developers, financial advisors and of course mortgage consultants. Homes Overseas are therefore ideally placed to offer you sound advice on the following areas:


Homes Overseas work closely with a number of Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) who we can recommend in assisting you with any financial queries. If you are either looking for a mortgage on your new property in Spain, or perhaps you are seeking advice on how to best release the equity in an existing property by re-mortgaging, you can rest assured that you will always receive proper, sound and unbiased financial advice on the investment.


Homes Overseas have worked in the overseas property market for many years now. We are confident in the team of agents we have in place in Spain, who are available to provide you with impartial advice on how best to mortgage your property in Spain. From leisure homes to commercial property investment, we can recommend someone to give you fair and impartial advice, whatever your query. Likewise we are well positioned to introduce you to some of the leading banks in Spain, where you can then make your own application for either a mortgage or other investment finance. Get in touch with us by clicking here !

Homes Overseas can sometimes also offer our investors the option of non-status finance on specific projects in our portfolio. We work closely with leading property solicitors in Spain whom we are happy to recommend, which enables you to receive the best possible advice in relation to your investment. For more information on mortgages or related financial matters, please contact:

Homes Overseas +353 (0)1 901 0212  | Hello@HomesOverseas.IE
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